The clinic is open!

The clinic at Nyembuye was officially opened on Friday 26th June 2009 at a ceremony attended by so many villagers that there were police controlling the kids in the crowd.

Burundi is famous for its drumming tradition, and the crowd was entertained by a lively and rhythmical troupe of drummers, one of which also demonstrated his dancing skills on his hands (since he didn’t have the use of his legs). It was a joyous occasion, punctuated by another fine Burundian tradition—speechifying!

The really exciting part was the fact that we were able to see the staff at work, giving vital vaccinations to some toddlers.

The “Sharing Life Rema Clinic” (named after the two main sponsor charities) is already the best equipped in the region, and people are walking up to 20 miles from all directions to receive treatment. Now we have to ensure that the staff are properly housed (more about this to come) and the dispensary is adequately resourced.

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