20 year celebration of Rema in Burundi!

We are delighted to be celebrating 20 years of Rema. 6th June 2024 is our anniversary celebration in Bujumbura. The trustees of Rema UK, Sally, Steve and Phil will be joining with the Rema Burundi staff, trustees and supporters. Plus visiting projects that Rema have enabled over the last 2o years. 

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Have your read Theo’s biography?. One man’s amazing story of how God protected and provided for him in the midst of the Burundian civil war and brought him to a place of grace, forgiveness and restoration.


Theodore Mbazumutima was forced to flee from his native Burundi when tensions between Hutus and Tutsis increased after the death of Hutu President Ndadaye. His dangerous and incredible journey fleeing civil war is told in this page-turning, gripping account of God’s miraculous intervention, protection and guidance.

Theo is now Director of Rema Burundi (previously Rema Ministries), which has established itself as a peace-building organisation committed to the rights of people in forced displacement situations, particularly refugees, the internally displaced and returnees.

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