Fundraising for Rema

Our preferred donations page is at

Unlike justgiving and the other fundraising sites, 100% of the money raised including gift aid goes to Rema. The operating expenses of are funded by corporate sponsors – Coop Bank, Amazon, etc. Read more about how it works

Please note that is a donations facility, so if you don’t attempt or complete the event then donations aren’t returned by wonderful to the donors.

How to set up a fundraising page

A few quick and easy steps to get started:

  1. Go to the Rema Fundraising page on
  2. Select ‘create a fundraising page’
  3. Here is where you create your own fundraiser page for Rem UK. Don’t worry, you can edit these details later if necessary. Here’s an example page – feel free to cut-and-paste to your own page.
  4. Choose a name for your fundraising page e.g. Phil’s Walk for Burundi – Three Peaks Challenge for Rema UK
  5. Which charity are you fundraising for? Rema UK
  6. Fundraising target – how much do you intend to raise?
  7. Are you fundraising as part of a team?  – select ‘no’ if you want to manage your own page and track your own fundraising.
  8. Date of the event – this is used to countdown to your event.
  9. What are you doing and why are you doing it? This is your opportunity to tell your story:
    1. What are you doing?
    2. What has motivated you to fund-raise for Rema?
    3. Why is the event a challenge for you?

That’s it! You’re good to go. Share your new fundraising page with friends, family, colleagues, social media, etc.

Want to add your own photo or video to your fundraising page? View your fundraising page whilst logged in, click ‘Change your cover image or video’ to edit this.

If you do need a paper sponsorship form, there is one available to download here, but do also use the Wonderful page too; much easier admin, no cash to count and carry.